Fryd Frydendahl – Never Run Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly


NEVER RUN FASTER THAN YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL CAN FLY is Fryd Frydendahl’s first publication with At Last Books. The book works as a series of diaristic entrances made while Frydendahl, a longtime resident of New York City, found herself in quarantine during COVID-19 with her family in western Jutland, Denmark.

Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer, a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal Danish Library, was invited to write accommodating text pieces for Frydendahl's photos with images and texts feeding off of each other.

Read an excerpt of Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer's essay here.

First Edition of 300 copies / 34 cm x 24 cm / 78 pages / Soft cover, perfect bound

Published September 2020 / ISBN: 978-87-999667-9-0

€27 — Preorders ship September 14th 2020.