Bob Nickas — May 68 Books & Records


In the fall of 2017, writer and curator Bob Nickas opened up a store in the front room of Martos Gallery, and called it May 68 Books & Records.
From the store, a one-year project named after the year of global revolt, Bob would sell books and records from his own collection, along with showing art each month.
The publication is a documentation of this event.

Artists included in the book: Amy O’Neill, Arnold J. Kemp, Harris Rowland Rowland, Israel Lund, Jessica Diamond, John Miller, Josh Smith, Jutta Koether, Lisa Beck, Matthew Higgs, Nikholis Planck, Olivier Mosset, Ryan Foerster, Steven Stapleton, Virginia Overton and Wayne Gonzales.

A selection of May 68's Instagram posts comprises the second half of the book.

First Edition of 300 copies / 14,8 cm x 21 cm / 76 pages / Soft cover, stapled

Published May 2019 / ISBN: 978-87-999667-5-2