Never Run Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

“Never Run Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly'' is a collaboration between Fryd Frydendahl and myself. In April 2020 Fryd asked me if I was interested in writing an essay or an intro to a book with new works of hers. In August 2018 we had had a very inspiring conversation when I hosted a talk by Fryd at the Royal Danish Library. Fryd always impresses me with her will to experiment and I take pleasure in understanding her artistic development as well as what I see as her ongoing conversation with art history and pop culture. To me, this looks like pure surrealist sensibility and reminds me of interwar European photography which I have written about extensively.

I hadn’t written many words after seeing the first photographs - Fryd was posting them continuously so that I could follow the progress of the works and the book - before I understood that not only did Fryd’s work appeal to me as a scholar. Words and short sentences of a more personal, perhaps fictional kind emerged. I think they were helped along the way by the Inspirational Quotes which were already governing Fryd’s project. In May 2018 she had asked people to send their favorite inspirational quotes to her, and she was now choosing from and grouping images under these.

These quotes, harvested from Facebook, a goldmine for everyone searching for what André Breton once called the “gold of time”, appeared here to me as clues that could be investigated as Fryd’s tongue in cheek dance with Western Art History. They could well be considered a contemporary version of the enigmatic titles of canonical surrealist works like those of Salvador Dali as well as Wilhelm Freddie While working to phrase this as an excited but concise analysis, I sensed that it also sparked something else in my writing…”

– Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer, 2020.